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24 – 27 November 2021 Shanghai, China reserve your booth

How AIoT is Transforming Active Safety of Commercial Vehicle

Keeping the smooth movement of goods and people is essential in modern days and economy development, however, long-distance travel, transportation for dangerous chemical, poor driving behaviors and poor safety management may pose constant threats to the road users. At present, active safety system technology has be widely adopted in all kinds of emergency environments to help drivers predict and avoid potential risks in advance, hence lowers the rate of road accidents.

Focusing on AI and intelligent vision, the summit will discuss the active safety upgrades of commercial vehicles, new technologies and new applications for driving safety in commercial vehicles. We specially invited industry experts to carry out in-depth analysis for vehicle safety market and the development outlook in 2022.  

Date 24 Nov 2021     
Time 13:00-17:00
Venue B0-02 meeting room, NECC

Conference Agenda

Status and prospects of active safety of commercial vehicles in China
Development of standards for automotive cameras
AI camera multi-path multi-target tracking and recognition
Visual perception active safety scheme for commercial vehicles
How sensor fusion helps driving decision-making of commercial vehicle
Tea break
ADAS and autopilot high dynamic range image sensor

Panel discussion: 

How to improve the active safety of commercial vehicles

  • How to enable AI technology to improve the active safety;
  • Demands of active safety in the market;
  • Feasibility and developments of current manufacturers' active safety scheme


Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd
China National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd. (SINOMACHINT)

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