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2023 Review

International Automotive Industry Conference 2023 Presented by Automechanika Shanghai

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  • New Energy Vehicle Sustainable Development Forum
  • International Summit of Connected-Vehicle Policies and Regulations
  • Automotive Aftermarket Summit
  • Used Car Strategy and Development Forum
  • China International Tyre Industry Conference

As the leading exhibition covering the entire automotive supply chain, Automechanika Shanghai has been monitoring the trends and development of the market, providing the latest updates to industry professionals, offering analysis of the opportunities embedded during industry transformation, and at the same time providing a networking and communication platform for the industry to share their inspiration and perspectives


The development of new energy vehicles are the global trend for transformation, upgrading, and decarbonization of the automotive industry. In recent years, the global electric vehicle market has been experiencing rapid growth under the support and favorable policies driven by various countries.

Hydrogen is another new energy technology that has garnered considerable attention in the automotive industry. Since hydrogen possesses characteristics of high environmental friendliness, high energy density and rapid refueling, different countries have formulated corresponding policies and industrial plans to support it.


The automotive industry is an important strategic and fundamental industry in the national economy. With the integration of artificial intelligence, new generation of information technology and other technological applications in vehicles, the automotive industry is entering a critical period of digital transformation and upgrading towards connectivity. Connected-Vehicles are leading the acceleration of the restructuring of automotive industry. In recent years, Connected-Vehicle products have become commercialised due to technological innovation, leading to numerous changes in product regulatory policies. 

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The acceleration of new energy and intelligence development, and post pandemic recovery have brought further expansion opportunities to the global automotive market. It will also drive the vigorous development of the aftermarket. This summit will focus on the global ecosystem of the automotive aftermarket and the aftermarket development of new energy vehicles. The discussions will particularly focus on the models and current trend of hot regional aftermarkets, and to explore the opportunities of Chinese companies by analysing the competitive landscape of new energy aftermarket from the perspectives of key talking points, components, accessories and digitisation of end-users.


Since 2021, the comprehensive advantage of China’s automotive industry chain has been consolidated through the collaborative enhancement of technological upgrades, iterative processes, improved logistics efficiency and the overall leap in domestic automotive brands in the new energy vehicle industry. China’s automotive export market has shown remarkable growth in the past three years, and the export of used car has also been growing accordingly. With the continuous improvement of relevant policies and the expansion of business in various region, there will be even greater growth potential for the car export in China.

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2023 is a year of transformation for the global tyre industry, laying the foundation and setting the trends for future industry development. At this new stage, the tyre industry has ushered in new development.After the State Council of the People's Republic of China has listed the “dual carbon”as one of the targets in the government report, an increasing number of tyre companies are not only focusing on the development of mass production, but also paying attention to their environmental, social and governance performance. Meanwhile, as the penetration rate of new energy vehicles continues to rise, traditional tyre structures are becoming inadequate to meet the new demands. Hence grasping the new market requirements has become a top priority for tyre manufacturers.


With the increasing global energy crisis and environmental pollution issues, new energy vehicles have become an important direction for the development of the global automotive industry. As one of the core components of new energy vehicles, the drive motor plays a crucial role in converting electrical energy into mechanical energy, and its performance directly affects the vehicle's range, power performance, and safety. 

Innovation4Mobility Showcase Areas activities

  • Innovation4Mobility Mainstage
  • Green Repair Area
  • Customising x Tech Area

The Mainstage is a prime area championing contributions made to the advancing innovations across the value chain. Its forum area, networking lounge, start-up arena and product showcase create an ideal environment to share new ideas, network with like-minded players and celebrate transformations propelling the new automotive era forward.


Participants can reveal how their solutions help end-users take care of the new energy vehicles. It will spotlight a systematic changes to the aftermarket, such as infrastructure, skilled labour, equipment and accessories, through product displays, live demonstrations, training workshops and open forums.

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The area will showcase motorsports and high performance customising with technical seminars, experience sharing and motorsport displays. Customisation brands and solution providers can exchange know-how and cooperation with OEMs, 4S groups, dealers, racing teams, auto clubs, and more. 

Activities focus on innovation and trends

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A rundown of value-added pre-show activities

From July, a series of online media interviews from 'A Dialogue with Automotive Entrepreneurs' will return, and a global webinar discussing the alternative fuel sector in August. Technical seminars, networking events and product launchings are also on the agenda. 


Innovation4Mobiliity Showcase

Innovation4Mobility Showcase aims to champion the contributions made to the advancing technologies and innovations across the value chain. Participants can indulge in various events and activities such as lectures, product showcase and launches and networking events held at Special Areas in the venue to grasp the latest market movements. 


AMS Live connects a worldwide community

AMS Live is a resource hub that unites the international automotive community. Participants can connect with global players and gather information on the latest products, trends and practical skills through live broadcasts, online discussions, news blogs and matchmaking with potential partners.

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Year-round business matching opportunities

Match Up is a year-round online matchmaking service that presents a more personalised and targeted approach for buyers and suppliers around the globe to network and expand business activities.

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