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24 – 27 November 2021 Shanghai, China Visitor registration

2021 Theme & Events

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Automotive Aftermarket Summit 2021

Since the pandemic began, the automotive aftermarket has been facing multiple challenges. One of the focuses is the new layout developed by the Dual Circulation, which creates both opportunities and challenges to the industry. The summit will discuss the opportunities and challenges brought by the Dual Circulation policies on cross-border e-commerce, commercial vehicle platform, new energy vehicle aftermarket and talent training issues in repair workshops.



Tomorrow’s Service & Mobility Summit 2021 - The Development and Application of Connected Commercial Vehicles

The logistics chain is one of the main contributors to the carbon footprint. This summit will focus on the development status of commercial vehicles in China and Europe and the value chain of the connected commercial vehicles. Areas of hydrogen energy technology, vehicle-road collaborative system and connected commercial vehicle’s commercialisation will be discussed.



International Summit of Connected-Vehicle Policies and Regulations 2021

The conference will delve into the trends of smart transformation and car connectivity for commercial and passenger vehicles, network and data security issues and the related policies in China.  Experts from overseas will also share the related policies and applications in their countries. 



How AIoT is Transforming Active Safety of Commercial Vehicles

Focusing on AI and intelligent vision, the summit will discuss the active safety upgrades of commercial vehicles, new technologies and new applications for driving safety in commercial vehicles. We specially invited industry experts to carry out in-depth analysis for vehicle safety market and the development outlook in 2022.  



China International Tyre Industry Conference 2021

Pandemic and surge in raw material price have put many China’s tyre manufacturers and exporters under intense strain. The industry also faces technological transformation for electric car tyre which requires better grip, lower friction and loading resistance.  Leading tyre manufacturers and experts will share their successful cases in China and overseas markets. 



China Used-car Reconditioning and After-sales Service Development Summit 2021

China is aiming to double the size of its used-car market to about 2 trillion yuan ($306 billion) by 2025. With this huge and promising market, the trailing aftermarket service is rushing to catch up. The conference will discuss the national policies, development trends of sales and after-sales businesses and the standardization of services in used-car market. 


New Energy Repair

New Energy Repair Zone

"New Energy Repair Zone" will gather related products such as new energy maintenance, I / M system, VOCs governance, spraying and body repair in hall 6.2 . The exhibition area is mainly divided into two themes: environmental protection and aftermarket repair of new energy. Focuse on high-quality products involved leading technology and overall solutions. Aim to provide industry insiders with multi-functional service platforms such as exhibition and promotion, information exchange, technical training and business services .


Agenda Overview

24 November 2021 (Wed)
Yangtze River Delta Fair Trade and Industrial Cooperation and Development Summit for Auto Parts Industry 2021 
International Summit of Connected-Vehicle Policies and Regulations 2021
New Energy Vehicle Aftermarket Development Conference
2021 International Green & Intelligent Automotive Congress
New Energy Vehicle Battery Maintenance Technical Training
Cross-border E-Commerce for Automotive Aftermarket Conference 2021
International Market Development Conference of Commercial Vehicles and Engine Parts, Shanghai, China 2021
Tomorrow's Service & Mobility Summit 2021
How AIoT is Transforming Active Safety of Commercial Vehicles 
New Energy Vehicle Electric Motor Maintenance Technical Training
25 November 2021 (Thu)
Lithium Battery Transportation Safety and Market Access Seminar 2021
SAE Vehicle Electrification and Autonomous Vehicle Technology Forum 2021 (Day 1)
2021 Vehicle Based Tyre Matching Techniques and International Tyre Dynamics Testing Methods
Future Development of Auto Parts industry Summit 2021
Automotive Aftermarket Summit 2021
New Energy Vehicle Electronic Control Maintenance Technology Training
China Collision Industry Summit
The Reform of China's Repair and Maintenance Industry for New Energy Vehicle Summit
The 2nd Global Automotive Electric Drive Technology Development Leadership Summit
The 5th Application of Advanced Composite Materials in New Energy Vehicles Summit Forum 2021
26 November 2021 (Fri)
China Automobile New Energy Electric Motor And Electronic Control Industry Alliance Meeting 2021
SAE Vehicle Electrification and Autonomous Vehicle Technology Forum 2021 (Day 2)
China Used-car Reconditioning and After-sales Service Development Summit 2021
Automotive Body & Paint Conference
China International Tyre Industry Conference 2021
AMS21_28Sep webinar 160921

The global automotive market is slowly bouncing back. Some countries are more resilient than others. China is the first to show signs of recovery, followed by the US. Pandemic also shapes a new landscape of the automotive industry. Despite the setback of the European market, the European new energy vehicle market has ushered in rapid development in the last two years. Some emerging forces such as the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa have given the industry new hope.

To this end, Automechanika Shanghai invited some of the key regional auto industry organizations and experts across the world to give audience insights into the local situation and shed light on future development opportunities.

Date: 28 September 2021 (Tue)

Time: 15:00 Beijing (GMT+8) / 09:00 Germany / 03:00 New York / 11:00 UAE

Watch the webinar on-demand
Programme Speaker

Mr Ricky Wang

AASA CAF Vice-chairman / Asia General Manager of Wegmann Automotive Group

15:05 ─15:25   

The perfect moment to enter the Russian market

Forecasts and details on unique parts distribution schemes and pricing will reveal why it is the best moment to enter the Russian market.

Mr Alexander Gruzdev

CEO, Gruzdev-analyze

15:25 ─15:45   

China's new car, used car and after-sales market 

This section will offer insights and analytics into China's auto market and the characteristics of the used car, import and export markets, along with the future potential of the aftermarket. 

Mr Cui Dongshu

Secretary-General of CPCA, China Automobile Dealers Association

15:45 ─16:05   

Navigating automotive consumerism and market opportunities in the Middle East, with a focus on UAE and Saudi Arabia

The talk will cover the changes of consumer behaviour and the automotive landscape (due to the pandemic) in the Middle East, with a focus on Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Mr Vishal Pandey

Partner of  Automotive & Mobility Practice,  Glasgow Consulting Group, UAE

16:05 ─16:25   

The development status, characteristics and future prospects in the African automotive market

It will discuss the shifts in supply chain, what the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) means for the automotive sector and how exporters can better prepare with the changes. 

Mr Bohani Hlungwane

Managing Principal & Head of Sales, Trade and Working Capital at Absa Group

(Information as of 09 Oct 2021)

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