The impacts of COVID-19 on the Asia automotive market, implications and opportunities in the post-pandemic era

Asia’s automotive market updates and outlook


Dr Marco Hecker, Chief Strategy Officer, Deloitte China

Dr Marco Hecker from Deloitte China will give an update of Asia’s automotive market during the impacts by COVID-19, he will draw on the insights from the aspects of government policies and consumer behaviors, as well as the firm’s prediction of the recovery trajectories of different Asian countries. He also will delve into several influential factors for recovery that shed light on OEMs’ business strategies and opportunities to revive their business.

A forecast of the automotive market in China


Ms Lang Xuehong, Deputy Secretary General of China Automobile Dealers Association and Director of Industry Coordination

Ms Lang from China Automobile Dealers Association will talk about the impacts of COVID-19 on the Chinese automotive market, the states of recovery, its implications to the market and the forecast in 5 years’ time. She also will delve into the major supportive policies from the government and the new opportunities emerged in the areas of supply chain, used cars and the aftermarket service.

Case study on the recovery of the automotive aftermarket


Mr Alan Xu, Director, Launch Tech (International Market Centre)

Mr Alan Xu from Launch Tech, a revered multinational automobile diagnostic equipment manufacturer, will share their first-hand accounts on both the impacts and recovery of their operations in Asian region. He will also share insights on the ways their company steers across the crisis. 

Panel discussion: The opportunities that lie ahead from OE to the aftermarket


Mr Ricky Wang, China Aftermarket Forum (CAF) Executive Committee Vice Chairman
Vice President & GM APAC of Brake Parts Inc

Mr Ricky Wang, a senior level representative from China Aftermarket Forum and BPI will lead the engaging panel discussion to spotlight the new trends and opportunities triggered and accelerated by the coronavirus in Asia and China. Certain hot issues such as digitalisation, new landscapes of vehicle circulations and automotive OE and aftermarket will be covered. 

Information as of 5 July 2020