International Automotive Industry Conference 2023 Presented by Automechanika Shanghai


New energy vehicles are the main direction for the transformation, upgrading, and green development of the global automobile industry. In recent years, with the support and promotion of preferential policies in various countries, the global electric vehicle market has shown a rapid growth. In 2022, global electric vehicle sales exceeded 10 million units, and it is expected to increase by another 35% this year, reaching 14 million units. With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, higher demand have been put forward for the safety and environmental protection of lithium batteries. Europe has introduced the "New Battery Regulation", which has strict regulations on battery manufacturers, material composition, recyclables, carbon footprint, supply chain. This will also have a significant impact on Chinese power battery companies exporting to Europe.

This forum will discuss the technological development and market prospects of lithium batteries and hydrogen energy, and analyze the two new energy. At the same time, experts and practitioners from home and abroad will be invited to compare and interpret the low-carbon and environmental protection development strategies of different countries.


Date 29 November 2023   
Time 09:30 — 12:00  
2F, Grand Ballroom , InterContinental Shanghai NECC

Conference Agenda

Time Programme

09:30 – 09:40

Welcome Speech

09:40 – 10:05

Analysis and Market Forecast of Imports and Exports of Vehicles Car Makers and Automotive Parts and Components in China

-The Production and Sales StatisticsData and Development Overview of Chinese Vehicles in China (Including New Energy Vehicles)
-Analysis of Imports and Exports of Automotive Parts and Components in ChinaChina's Part Import and Export Data
-Future The Trend and Market Forecast of Car Makers and Automotive Parts and Components in the FutureSupply and Demand and Market Forecast of Vehicles and Components

10:05 – 10:30

The Perspective on the China Market and Global Business Planning of Multinational Automotive Parts and Components Corporations Enterprises and Their Interpretation of the Chinese Market

-The Product Planning and Adjustment of Multinational Automotive Parts and Components Corporations under the Influence of international conditions and industrial transformation. Facing the International Situation and Industrial Changes, the Product Planning and Pattern Adjustment of Multinational Enterprises
-The Importance of China Market among World-leading Automotive Corporations The Chinese Market in the Eyes of Leading Global
-Suggestions for Chinese Corporations to Prepare for Globalisation Enterprises' Transnational Strategy

10:30 – 11:15

Panel Discussion:

How can Parts and Components Corporations Achieve Business Transformation Effectively Under the  Transformation of Electrification and IntelligenceIntelligent Transformation, How Enterprises Seize the Opportunity to Accelerate Transformation

-WhatThe Challenges of Traditional Automotive Parts and Components Corporations Brought by does Electrification and Intelligence Intelligent DevelopmentBring to Traditional Enterprises
-What Adjustments made by Corporations on Innovation and Services Have Companies Made in Terms of Innovation and Service Capabilities
-Explore New Markets Development for Traditional Automotive Parts and Components Corporations Enterprises

11:15 – 12:00

Panel Discussion:

The Characteristics and Global Trend Forecast and Characteristics Prediction of Global Automobile Industry Chain TransformationSupply Chain Transformation in Automotive Industry

-The Current Trend and the Shift of Supply Chain Current Global Automobile Industry Chain Transfer Route and Characteristicsin Automotive Industry
-Analysis of Car Markers and Parts and Components Demand in Europe, the US and ASEAN regionthe Demand for Vehicles and Parts in Popular Regions Such As Europe, America, and Southeast Asia
-The Perspective and Forecast of China’s Automotive Industry Shifting from Product Export to Supply Chain Export, Including Technique, Services and Brands Prediction of the Future of China's Parts and Moving from Product Export to Production, Technology, Service, and Brand Export

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