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Conference Agenda

Date 4 December 2019     
Time 09:30 – 17:00  
Venue Seminar Area B, National Convention Center (Shanghai), NECC

Opening Remarks

Dr Chen Yilong, Managing Director of MEMA China


Welcome Speeches 

Mr James Yu, Deputy General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd
Mr Chris Gardner, Senior Vice President, Operations for AASA 


The influence of macroeconomic and industrial policies on China's automotive aftermarket 

  • Analyse the trends of current macroeconomics from the economic cycle principle.
  • The positive impacts of new policies on the automotive industry, such as the promotion of consumption and taxes reduction. 
  • The impacts of the slowing down aftermarket and its outlook

Ms Lang Xuehong, Deputy Secretary-General of China Automobile Dealers Association and Director of Industry Coordination


A comparative analysis of auto parts distribution and aftermarket chain stores in Europe and China
By studying the data from European countries, it reveals that e-commerce and chain stores are key to drive the transformation of the aftermarket in recent years which gives valuable insights and experience for China market.

Mr Antti Wolk, CEO of Wolk-Aftermarket 


Suggestions and solutions for the auto parts enterprises under the "New Four Modernizations"
Electrification, connectivity, intelligentisation and sharing have become the key driving force of the automotive industry. Multinational auto parts manufacturers with strong technology research ability not only lead the trends, but also pave the way for future changes in the aftermarket.  

Mr Ivan Lim, Head of Service, ZF Aftermarket AP. & Managing Director, ZF Services China


Panel Discussion: How the new service models in the aftermarket change the auto parts supply chain in China

The infiltration of internet has created many new service models in the automotive aftermarket. Can these new business models survive? What are the impacts on the automotive aftermarket and what opportunities lay ahead?

Mr Ricky Wang, Vice President & General Manager, Brake Parts Inc LLC - Asia Pacific Brake Parts Inc
Mr Philippe Thegner, CAF Chairman.
Ms Chen Hongmei, General Manager, MAHLE Trading (Shanghai) Co Ltd
Mr David Miller, Vice President for Global Auto Replacement, Gates
Mr Marco Loth, VP Global Aftermarket CM/Engineering Commercial Director MEA & Asia Pacific, TMD Enterprise(Shanghai)Co Ltd

12:00 – 13:00
Lunch break 

Supply chain platform and chain stores grow together and achieve a mutual goal

Consumers’ demands and experiences play a crucial role in shaping the supply chain, while chain stores can bridge up the supply chain and end-users by providing timely feedback from the car owners. Therefore, the collaboration between them will open a new room for development.

Mr Chen Haisheng, Co-founder of AC QICHE


Openness· Collaboration· Shared Success—Technology connects high-quality resources, Data leads the future of the Automotive Aftermarket.

Overmars Jiang, Founder & CEO of Casstime.



The aftermarket of new energy vehicles and innovative business models bring in new opportunities. 

Despite China having the largest number of new-energy vehicles on road in the world, the repair & maintenance segment for the new-energy vehicles is still in its nascent stage as compared to the traditional fuel drive one. The current shortage of skilled repair technicians and repair service points may create new opportunities for this sector.  

Ms Lin Zhu, Associate Partner of Greater China Strategy and Operations of EY Transaction Advisory Services


Risk Management Solutions for Automotive Industry

Mr Xi Jun, GM of Aon-COFCO Insurance Brokers Co Ltd Shanghai Branch


Panel Discussion: How Vehicle Manufacturers Can Differentiate Their Services in the Competitive Independent Aftermarket

Vehicle manufacturers have definite advantages when they wade into the competition in the aftermarket.  On the one hand, they have a better connection with the car owners; on the other hand, they have developed a service system different from the 4S shops. The differentiation from the service and product offerings is the key to win.  

Mr Zhou Gang, CEO of Shanghai Jiace Business Consulting Co Ltd
Panel Speakers: Mr Zhao Hao, Deputy General Manager of Baic Autoyong
Mr Zhao Chaojun, CEO of Chery Chebeijian
Mr Zhao Bing, Head of Eurorepar Strategy and Purchasing of PSA (Shanghai) Management Co Ltd

Coffee break

Panel Discussion: Strategic Planning of Insurance Industry in Automotive Aftermarket

The rapidly growing automotive aftermarket can be both an opportunity and a challenge for the insurance industry. How to make use of various platforms and big data to make good strategic planning will be an important topic for insurance companies.

Panel Speakers:
Ms Zhou yinyin, Vice President of Harson Group
Mr Hua Xiaodong, Vice President of PICC (Bangbang)
Ms Wu Qi, Marketing Director of Monarch Extended Warranty
Mr Feng Jun, CEO of EasyEPC
Mr Deng Xudong, Founder & CEO of Yunxian Technology


Panel Discussion: The Aftermarket Opportunities from the Investor’s Perspective

Automotive aftermarket investors mainly include risk investment funds, internet giants and automotive companies. Through the panel discussion, the audience will be able to have a better understanding of the market as well as new investment opportunities.

Mr Fu Xiaojun, Founder of Hangzhou JuQi Network Technology Co Ltd
Panel Speakers:
Mr Cai Jingzhong, Partner of Galaxy Capital
Mr Zhang Xiwen, Independent Consultant
Mr Yang Xingtao, Founder of Aotu Capital
Mr Jiang Renhai, Founder of Kzmall
Mr Song Jibin, Founder of Mancando





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