Automotive Aftermarket Summit 2023

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The acceleration of new energy and intelligence development, and post pandemic recovery have brought further expansion opportunities to the global automotive market. It will also drive the vigorous development of the aftermarket. This summit will focus on the global ecosystem of the automotive aftermarket and the aftermarket development of new energy vehicles. The discussions will particularly focus on the models and current trend of hot regional aftermarkets, and to explore the opportunities of Chinese companies by analysing the competitive landscape of new energy aftermarket from the perspectives of key talking points, components, accessories and digitisation of end-users.

The Summit will focus on the development of aftermarket value chain in the changing environment. It will invite participants from the chain of the automotive aftermarket to discuss the current aftermarket policies, situations, trends and the opportunities and challenges brought by European markets. Digital transformation, globalization of supply chain and the aftermarket services and logistics integration will also be discussed.

Date 30 November 2023
Time 09:30 — 17:00
Venue  2F, Grand Ballroom 2+3, InterContinental Shanghai NECC

Conference Agenda

Time Topic Speaker

Opening Remarks


Fiona Chiew, General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd

An Analysis of Key Global Automotive Aftermarkets

-Comparison of Mainstream Automotive Aftermarkets in China, Europe and the US in terms of Market Size, Consumer Habits, and Business Models
-The Market Outlook and Opportunities of Potential Markets in South America and Southeast Asia

Lang Xuehong, Deputy Secretary General of China Automobile Dealers Association and Director of Industry Coordination

Overview Analysis on the Automotive Aftermarket of the US

-The Impacts of Automotive Aftermarket in the US under the Influence of Pandemic, Geopolitical Factors, and Rapid Growth of New Energy Development in Recent Years
-The Development Trend Forecast of the Future Automotive Aftermarket in the US

Paul McCarthy, President & CEO, MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers


Changes in Automotive Parts Distribution Channels Across Europe

-Analysing the Consumer Behavior Changes in the Automotive Aftermarket in Europe 
-The New Opportunities Arising from the Changes of Automotive Parts Distribution Channels in Europe

Antti Wolk, General Manager of Wolk Aftersales Experts 

Opportunities for Aftermarket in Digital & EV Era 

-Current Applications and Challenges of Digitalization in Automotive Aftermarket 
-How to Achieve Data Transparency While Ensuring Information Security?
-How can Enterprises Connect Upstream and Downstream, Link up Information and Improve Decision-making Efficiency through Digitization?


Wang Songtao, Regional President, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket, APAC

Creating a New Era in the Aftermarket for ZF 3.0

-Evolution of Aftermarket Eco-system Landscape and Implication of Technology Disruption 
-Servitizing the Eco-system by Empowering Workshop and Fleets
-Digitalizing the Aftermarket as the Sustainable & Future-proof Solution

Simon Quirin, Head of Business Line Passenger Car Aftermarket Asia-Pacific at ZF Group

Panel Discussion:
The Positive Implications of Globalization in the Automotive Aftermarket under the Market Resume Post Pandemic

- The Recovery of Purchasing Power in the Automotive Aftermarket After Market Reopening
- Current Changes of Automotive Parts Distribution Channels
- The Positive Impact of Logistics and Warehousing Services on the Aftermarket

Moderator: Sheldon Luo, General Manager of Automotive Aftermarket of Gates, Greater China
Felix Ker, Chief Revenue Officer of Solid Automotive Berhad 
David Barbeau, General Manager of Barbeau Consulting  LLC 
Zhao Yiman,  Yiwu Branch  General Manager of Baikal
Liew Chew Yee, TecAlliance Sales Lead Asia-Pacific Industry Digitalization & China Go Overseas Supporter
Joe De Santino, America Managing Difector of SUMAX Industry Ltd
12:15-13:30 Lunch Break  


Analysis of the Competitive Landscape and Opportunities in the New Energy Vehicle Aftermarket

-The Current Situation and Challenges for New Energy Vehicle Aftermarket such as Technology, Equipment, and Components
-The Competition in the Aftermarket for the Leading New Energy Vehicle Companies
-How to Explore New Opportunities through Different Channels and Business Models

Jack Zhuang, Principal of Roland Berger Greater China


Navigating the Development Path of China’s Automotive Parts Distribution 

-New Development for Automotive Parts Distribution Supply Chain after the Pandemic: Digitization, Onlineization, Collaboration, and Intelligence
-Comparison of Data Changes between European and the US Automotive Parts Distributors
-New Approaches to the Transformation of Regional Dealer Service

Dai Chen, Founder of Magic Cube Auto-Aftermarket


Interpreting New Data and Channel Penetrations Strategies  for Automotive Parts Export 

-Comparative Analysis of Overseas Market for Automotive Parts
-Operational Methods for Premium Markets
-Understanding the Fundamental Differences between the New Wave of Automotive Parts Export and Automotive Parts Foreign Trade
-Profit Margin of the New Wave of Automotive Parts Export

Cai Jingzhong, Founder of Wujiechuangxin Venture Capital


The Innovative Applications of Turbocharging Technology in New Energy Vehicles

-The Current Circulation Situation of New Energy EIC Parts in the Aftermarket
-Collaboration Approaches of EIC Enterprises in the Aftermarket
-Future Prospects of the Cooperation Among OEMs, Battery Manufacturers and Automotive Parts Trading Platform

James Huang, Deputy General Manager and Director of Technology Centre of Jiangsu Easyland Automotive Corporation
15:10-15:35 Coffee Break  


Automotive Aftermarket "Industrial Integration Highway"

-Industrial Integration, the Ultimate Goal of the Development of the Automotive Aftermarket
-Value Experience of Industry Digitization  in Channel Distributors+Terminal Service Chains

Li Wen, Investment Promotion Deputy General Manager of Jekun Auto


Panel Discussion:
The Integration of Traditional Auto Parts Chain &Maintenance Chain go to the New Energy Vehicle Aftermarket

- How to Manage and Elevate Existing Business in the ICE Vehicle Aftermarket?
- How to Prepare for Business Transformation under the Rapid Growth of New Energy Vehicles?

Moderator: Zhou Gang, CEO of Shanghai Jiace Business Consulting Co Ltd
Zhang Jiupeng, Founder of Das Master
Zhang Xiangong, Founder of Kuaichetuan
Song Liejin, Founder of Mastertoo
Gu Zhaoguang, Chairman of Autobacs 
Xu Benguang, COO of New Sorl Auto Parts  


Panel Discussion:
The Challenges of New Energy Vehicle Aftermarket Service Chain

- Difficulties in Technology Reserves, Manpower and Maintenance Facilities for New Energy Vehicle Service Chain
- The Opportunities Arise from the Authorisation Systems in Different Tiers of Cities in China  
- Comparison of Different Chain Models: Integrated Sales Service or Aftermarket Service Focused

Moderator:  Huang Haijian,  Senior Adviser of Tuopulan
Sun Jianjun, Founder of Bees Service
Wang Hao, Founder of Coppola Auto Consultive Service (Qingdao) Co Ltd
Zhang Dongxu, Founder of Dent Audi
Lin Shaojie, Founder of Lingjie Station
Hu Jie, Founder of Shandong German New Energy Vehicle Co Ltd


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China National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd. (SINOMACHINT)


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