Automotive Aftermarket Summit 2022

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In recent years, automotive aftermarket has been facing a number of challenges in the midst of COVID-19 and the evolution of international situation. At the same time, China also enters to a new development phase of electrification and intelligence. Knowing how to make good use of technological innovation and key resources to grasp opportunity will be critical in upgrading the aftermarket value chain during this momentous stage.

The Summit will focus on the development of aftermarket value chain in the changing environment. It will invite participants from the chain of the automotive aftermarket to discuss the current aftermarket policies, situations, trends and the opportunities and challenges brought by European markets. Digital transformation, globalization of supply chain and the aftermarket services and logistics integration will also be discussed.

Date 16 February 2023
Time 09:30 — 17:00
Venue Conference Room 10 (Between Hall 10 and Hall 12)

Conference Agenda

Time Programme


Opening remarks

Fiona Chiew, General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd
Paul McCarthy, President and Chief Executive Officer,  Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association 


2022 Automotive Aftermarket Analysis and 2023 Forecast  
- 2022 automobile production and sales and aftermarket data analysis
- The impact of policies such as car purchase tax reduction and new energy vehicle subsidies on the automotive aftermarket
- 2023 automotive aftermarket trends forecast

Lang Xuehong, Deputy Secretary General of China Automobile Dealers Association and Director of Industry Coordination


Electrification and Digitalisation for Multinational Companies
- The development trend of low-carbon energy requirements for multinational companies
- How can auto parts businesses use electrification and digitalisation to improve management efficiency
- How companies can thrive through the better planning

Huang Dongyun, Vice President of Bosch Automotive Aftermarket, Asia Pacific


E-Mobility: Game Changer of Automotive Aftermarket

Daniel Berger, Partner of EAC International Consulting 


Global Overview — How is the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Being Impacted (Opportunities or Challenges) Due to the New Dynamics of War, COVID, and Etc? How is the Global supply chain Going to be Adapted?
- The impacts of the war, COVID and Etc on the global auto market
- Adjustment and response of global automobile supply chain
- How can enterprises seize market opportunities in the changing world

Ricky Wang, Chairman of China executive committee of  Automotive Aftermarket Supplier Association (AASA)
Onsite Speakers:
Philippe Thegner, General Manager of Rheinmetall (China) holding Investment Co Ltd
Jason McNeil, Vice President, Global Sourcing and Quality Assurance, AutoZone, Inc.
Richard Liu, General Manager, Zhuhai Glory Friction Material
Online Speakers:
Barry Neal, Senior Partner, Roland Berger
Steve Hughes, President and Chief Executive Officer, HCS International

12:00-13:30 Lunch Break

New Growth Engine of 2023

Chen Haisheng, Co-founder and Chief Editor of AC


How to Use Core Technology to Solve Supply Chain Problems
- Strengthen the data connection of the whole process and accelerate the business collaboration of the entire value chain
- Build data-driven intelligent decision-making capabilities
- Industrial upgrading through digital technology

Zeng Wangui, Founder of Baturu


Panel Discussion:  Guangdong, Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR Supply Chain Development Strategy
- Current status and characteristics of the automotive aftermarket in Guangdong, Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR
- Problems that need to be solved urgently in the existing supply chain
- How does the platform formulate development strategies according to local conditions


Fu Xiaojun, Founder of JuQi Net
Onsite Speakers:
Song Jibin, Chairman of Mancando
Jiang Renhai, Chairman of Kzmall
Chen Hongmou, Chairman of Yishan
Li Liquan, Chairman of Yongtong Spare Part Co Ltd
Guan Xiguang, Chairman of Homotor

15:10-15:30 Tea Break

Integration of Aftermarket and Logistics Lead to New Opportunities and Standards
- The development of logistics services in the automotive aftermarket
- Logistics distribution solution tackles the cost control problem.
- How to integrate the two major markets, set standards and expand opportunities

Li Zhongxin, Executive Director of the Research Institute of TUC

16:00-16:20 To Be Confirmed

Panel Discussion: How Auto Parts Supply Chain and Logistics Industry can Provide Closed-loop Services for Repair Workshops in Reduced Cost and Higher Efficiency
- End user demands for supply chain and logistics services
- The current pain points of logistics services
- How to create synergy between the supply chain and logistics to meet the needs of workshops.

Onsite Speaker:
Lou Guangtao, Fouder of Quanta Logistics
Chen Feng, Guangzhou Jingde
Zhang Ping,  Industrial Investors of SF-Express
Ruan Shengyu, Chairman of Jybd Group
Full Truck Alliance


Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd
China National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd. (SINOMACHINT)
JuQi Net

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