Generally Questions:

1. What is the fundamental idea for creating AMS Live?

The fundamental idea to offer a platform like AMS Live is to replicate these onsite exchanges by utilising digital services, enabling participants who are unable to come along due to the outbreak to join the exhibition and connect with the fair participants.  In addition to the rich exhibit content, the platform also equips with several functions for the fair participants to interact with each other in real-time.

2. When will AMS Live go live?

AMS Live will fully open from 30 November – 6 December 2020

  • Digital exhibitor booth
  • Products showcase
  • Product enquiry
  • Livestreams and videos on-demand
  • Event program
  • Live chat
  • One-to-one video meeting
  • Personal calendar and meeting schedule
  • Notification

4. Who can use this platform?

AMS Live is made for everyone in the automotive industry and is free to use.

5. Where can I get access to this platform?

From 16 November 2020 onwards, you can visit  or through WeChat’s mini-program "AutomechanikaSH", in Chinese only.  

6. The platform can be used on what kinds of devices?

Both personal computer and mobile devices can reach AMS Live and support Chinese and English languages. 

7. If I encounter technical problems or want to lodge a complaint, how can I do?

During the platform online period, there will be a “Help” button on the website menu bar and you can send your message directly.

For Exhibitors:

1. What can I expect with AMS Live?

You will have your presence both onsite and online realms, capturing more potential buyers for a better participation results. At the same time, you will benefit from reaching out potential buyers beyond the geographical limit, thereby having chance to venture out to new markets.

2. How can I enjoy AMS Live?

All exhibitors can use this platform to reach out wider buyer community and interact with them in real-time during its opening period. Exhibitors will automatically join the Basic package. However, if the exhibitors would like to have the more advanced functions, they can upgrade their service to the Premium one with a fee. More details with account login information will be advised in mid of October.

For Visitors:

1. What can I expect with AMS Live?

You can participate in the show virtually through the platform while interact with the physical show in real-time. If you visit the show in-person, you can use a collection of handy tools on this platform to make your visit and planning even more efficient.

2. Should I register when using this platform?

We recommend you to register when using AMS Live.

The site information can be browsed without needing to log onto. However, many functions such as saving your favorite products/ exhibitors, chat, creating your own agenda, scheduling a video call, conversing with other participants at a livestreamed event will need you to sign in.

3. If I have scheduled a meeting, will you send me a notification before the meeting to remind me of it?

The notification will be seen when you signed into the platform, while a notification email will be sent to you before the scheduled meeting.