New Energy Repair Zone

New Energy Repair

"New Energy Repair Zone" will gather related products such as new energy maintenance, I / M system, VOCs governance, spraying and body repair in hall 6.2 . The exhibition area is mainly divided into two themes: environmental protection and aftermarket repair of new energy. Focuse on high-quality products involved leading technology and overall solutions. Aim to provide industry insiders with multi-functional service platforms such as exhibition and promotion, information exchange, technical training and business services .

Date 24 November 2021——26 November 2021   
Green Repair Zone in Hall 6.2 (Booth 6.2K64)

Conference Agenda


Digital Solutions for New Energy Vehicle market 

Venue:Green Repair Zone in Hall 6.2 (Booth 6.2K64)



New Energy Vehicle Battery, Motor and Electronic Control Maintenance Technical Training

Venue:Green Repair Zone in Hall 6.2 (Booth 6.2K64)



Voltage Detection and Fault Diagnosis of New Energy Vehicles’ Power Battery

Principle and Fault Discrimination Method of Motor Controller for New Energy Vehicles

Principle and Fault Diagnosis Method of DC-DC Converter for New Energy Vehicles


New Energy Vehicle Aftermarket Summit

Venue:Green Repair Zone in Hall 6.2 (Booth 6.2K64)



10:00-10:10   Remark

10:10-10:30   Aftermarket Layout and Development Strategy of New Energy Vehicle Enterprises

10:30-10:50   Discussion on Key Issues of Aftermarket Cell of New Energy Vehicles -- Replacement or Maintenance

10:50-11:10   Current Situation and Future Trend of New Energy Vehicle Aftermarket

11:10-11:30   Diagnosis and Maintenance of New Energy Vehicles

11:30-11:50   NEV in Repair and Maintenance with Global Perspective

11:50-12:10   ADAS Repairs – How, Where and Why it matters?


New Energy Vehicle Body & Paint Conference

Venue:Green Repair Zone in Hall 6.2 (Booth 6.2K64)



10:00-10:30   Interpretation of Policies Related to Environmental Protection in Automobile Repair Industry

10:30-10:50   Development Overview of New Energy Vehicle Body & Paint

10:50-11:10   How to Establish a Green Print Share Center in Automobile Maintenance Industry

11:10-11:30   Application of New Energy Aluminum Body Grinding System

11:30-12:00   Overview and importance of advanced metal technology


Training Salon for the New Energy Vehicle Aftermarket 

Venue:Green Repair Zone in Hall 6.2 (Booth 6.2K64)



13:00-14:00   Training of Marketing Management  for New Energy Vehicle Maintenance

14:00-15:00   Case Sharing of New Energy Vehicles Repair 

15:00-17:00   Training Salon for Repair and Maintenance Manufacturers How to Build a Store.


(Information as of 18 October, 2021)