Green Repair Zone


The environmental protection policies and the evolving new technologies in automotive industry have prompted more and more consumers to choose New Energy Vehicles (NEV).  However, some challenges in the aftermarket sector arise with the growth and it seriously hinders the future development of the industry.
In AMS 2022(Shenzhen Special Edition), Green Repair Zone will showcase future development trends and products for the aftermarket, such as diagnostics and maintenance of NEV core parts, authorization channels, upgraded tools and equipment, eco-friendly body and paint solutions to visitors.

Date 20-22 December 2022   
Green Repair Zone 12D41

Conference Agenda


Digital Solutions for New Energy Vehicle market 

Venue:Green Repair Zone in Hall 6.2 (Booth 6.2K64)



New Energy Vehicle Aftermarket Summit

Venue:Green Repair Zone 



NEV Future Development in the Aftermarket

Development Strategies of Vehicle Enterprise

The Business Model of Power Battery in the Aftermarket

How an Independent Aftermarket Operator Enters into NEV market s


New Energy Vehicle Battery, Motor and Electronic Control Maintenance Technical Training

Venue:Green Repair Zone



Technical Structure and Working Principles of New Energy Power Battery System

Fault Diagnosis Analysis of New Energy Power Battery System

Working Principles and Fault Diagnosis of High Voltage Accessories for NEVs


The Reform of China's Repair and Maintenance Industry for New Energy Vehicle Summit

Venue:Green Repair Zone



China's Repair and Maintenance Development and the Equipment Applications in NEV industry

New Opportunities and Challenges of Intelligent Connected Vehicles

How Repair and Maintenance Manufacturers Expand Research and Distribution capabilities for their New Energy Products 

Prospects of Diagnostic Equipment for Battery Cell

NEV Electric Motor Lifting Equipment

Panel Discussion: How Repair and Maintenance Manufacturers and Dealer Platforms Embrace Change While Look for Automotive Aftermarket Growth


"Focusing on the Goal of Controlling Carbon Emission to Get Good Environment" Improving the Tail Gas Treatment Ability and Protecting Environment Summit 

Venue:Green Repair Zone 



Scientific Solution of Technical Path for Vehicle Exhaust Control

Technology Creates a Better Tomorrow——Accurate Diagnosis and Repair Technology of Automotive Exhaust and Case Analysis of Malfunction

Application and Promotion of Intelligent Exhaust Gas Diagnosis and Data Generation Technology

Green Body & Paint Center help the Industry to comply with the Environmental Standards

Intelligent Equipment Reduces Costs and Enhances Efficiency for Repair Workshops


New Energy Vehicle Body & Paint Conference

Venue:Green Repair Zone



Analysis of Environmental Protection Related Policies in Automotive Repair and Maintenance

Development Overview of NEV Body & Paint

How to Establish a Green Body & Paint Sharing Center

Applications of Aluminum Body Grinding System for NEVs

Overview of Advanced Metal Technology and its Importance in the Repair Processes



(Information as of 26 October, 2022)