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International Automotive Industry Conference 2023 Presented by Automechanika Shanghai


The automotive industry has been booming in recent years, major automotive manufacturing countries are modifying national policies to support the development of new energy vehicles. Multinational corporations have also ramped up their research and development investments, initiating the process of new energy vehicles overtaking traditional gasoline vehicles. The global sales of new energy vehicles increase rapidly since 2017.  Meanwhile, as an integration of multiple fields such as automotive, transportation, electronics, tele-communications and the internet, the connected-vehicle industry is transitioning from testing and validation to a new stage of multi-scenario demonstration applications. The deep integration of intelligence and electrification has entered the era of high-quality development. 

The International Automotive Industry Conference 2023 Presented by Automechanika Shanghai will be organised to provide a platform for invited speakers, including international and local industry professionals, associations representatives and car makers to share their insights and exchange information about the gigantic changes of automotive industry. 


Date 29 November 2023   
Time 09:30 — 12:00  
2F, Grand Ballroom , InterContinental Shanghai NECC

Conference Agenda

Time Programme

09:30 – 09:40

Welcome Speech

09:40 – 10:05

Analysis and Market Forecast of China Imports and Exports of Vehicles and Automotive Parts and Components

- The Production and Sales Statistics and Development of Vehicles in China (Including New Energy Vehicles)
- Analysis of Imports and Exports of China Automotive Parts and Components
- The Future Trends and Market Development of Vehicles and Automotive Parts and Components in China

10:05 – 10:30

Leading Tier 1 Automotive Supplier’s Global Business Strategy and its Perspective towards China Market

-The Readjustment and Product Planning under Current International Business Environments and the Influence of Industrial Transformation
-The Importance of China Automotive Market
- Chinese Automotive Companies Going Global: Some Suggestions

10:30 – 11:15

Panel Discussion:
How Parts and Components Suppliers Can Achieve Efficient Business Upgrade Under the Electrification and Digitalisation Transformation?

- The Challenges Brought by the Development of Electrification and Digitalisation
- What Adjustments can be Made to the Product Innovations and Services? 
- New Market Exploration for Traditional Parts and Components Suppliers

11:15 – 12:00

Panel Discussion:
The Outlook Forecast and Transformation Characteristics of Global Automotive Supply Chain

- The Shift of Global Automotive Supply Chain and its Current Trends 
- Analysis of Vehicles and Parts and Components Demand in Europe, the US and the ASEAN Markets
- Outlook Forecast of China Automotive Industry: A Shift from Products Export to Supply Chain Export, including Technologies, Services and Brands

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