Used Car Strategy and Development Forum 2022

From 1 October 2022, China will remove restrictions on the cross-regional transfer of used cars that meet national emission standard V. At the same time, new policies and measures such as the attributes defining used cars and the number of personal transactions will be introduced. The used car market in China will usher in a golden age and will gradually shift from a monopoly market to a diversified competitive one in terms of quality, service, protection and others. The industry will head toward  more professional, a bigger scale and more formalized one in future. 

This conference will focus on used car distribution and servicing, new energy used cars and the future direction of China's automotive aftermarket. The conference aims at building a communicative and resources platform where provides information of policies and regulations updates, data, news and technical supports for the industry and improving the capability and level of value-added services such as vehicle reconditioning, quality assurance and the strategies of new energy used cars aftermarket. 

Date 22 December 2022               
Time 09:30 – 12:00

Conference Room 10(Between Hall 10 and Hall 12)

Conference Agenda

Time Programme
09:30—09:40 Opening Remarks

The Effectiveness and Impacts on Market After Introducing the Used Ccars Policies

Luo Lei, Deputy Manager Secretary General, CADA


The Corporate Compliance Management Under the New Industry Environment

10:20—10:40 How Used Car Companies Build Brands and Expand under the New Policies
10:40—11:00 Business Development Strategies of Car Dealers in Used Car Market

Management Solutions to Increase the Value of New Energy Used Cars

11:20—11:40 Keynote: The Service Chain of Used Cars Reconditioning
11:40—12:00 Keynote: Digitalisation of Used Cars Reconditioning Service


China Automobile Dealers Association
Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd
China National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd. (SINOMACHINT)

CADA (4)
CADA (5)
CADA (2)
CADA (3)

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