Visitor pre-registration

All personnel entering the exhibition hall must complete the real-name pre-registration. Before you enter the venue onsite, your original ID card/Passport will be verified.


Vietnam - Đăng kỳ trước để nhận ngay thẻ quà tặng VinID (50,000 VNĐ)!


Winner announcement

A notification with redemption details will be sent to the following pre-registered buyers on 14 October. For enquiries, please contact the team at

Registration code:

PRO32000867 PRO32002547 PRO32003543
PRO32001235 PRO32002988 PRO32003613
PRO32000599 PRO32002989 PRO32003614
PRO32000604 PRO32003360 PRO32001722
PRO32002543 PRO32003405