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Winner announcement

A notification with redemption details will be sent to the following pre-registered buyers on 14 October. For enquiries, please contact the team at

Registration code:

PRO32000385 PRO32001029 PRO32000619 PRO32002694 PRO32003361
PRO32000386 PRO32001043 PRO32002258 PRO32002681 PRO32003364
PRO32000650 PRO32001044 PRO32002390 PRO32002682 PRO32001918
PRO32000651 PRO32001045 PRO32002448 PRO32002762 PRO32001919
PRO32000655 PRO32001052 PRO32002449 PRO32002764 PRO32002064
PRO32000656 PRO32001053 PRO32002451 PRO32002835  
PRO32001028 PRO32001318 PRO32002602 PRO32003174