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Winner announcement

A notification with redemption details will be sent to the following pre-registered buyers on 14 October. For enquiries, please contact the team at

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PRO32000340 PRO32000440 PRO32001115 PRO32001080 PRO32000630
PRO32000345 PRO32000512 PRO32001116 PRO32001250 PRO32001499
PRO32000346 PRO32000290 PRO32001117 PRO32001341 PRO32001500
PRO32000399 PRO32000635 PRO32001130 PRO32001435 PRO32002205
PRO32000420 PRO32000648 PRO32001151 PRO32001436 PRO32002295
PRO32000421 PRO32000649 PRO32001161 PRO32001462 PRO32002276
PRO32000422 PRO32000943 PRO32001069 PRO32000573 PRO32002281
PRO32000436 PRO32001094 PRO32001072 PRO32000581 PRO32002282
PRO32000437 PRO32001112 PRO32001073 PRO32000582 PRO32002353
PRO32000439 PRO32001114 PRO32001074 PRO32000624 PRO32002354