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Winner announcement

A notification with redemption details will be sent to the following pre-registered buyers on 14 October. For enquiries, please contact the team at

Registration code:

PRO32000262 PRO32000941 PRO32001363 PRO32002311 PRO32002724
PRO32000427 PRO32000945 PRO32001381 PRO32002315 PRO32002739
PRO32000428 PRO32000946 PRO32001403 PRO32002439 PRO32002743
PRO32000519 PRO32000969 PRO32001424 PRO32002480 PRO32002751
PRO32000520 PRO32000974 PRO32001442 PRO32002583 PRO32002807
PRO32000695 PRO32001306 PRO32001443 PRO32002651 PRO32001514
PRO32000750 PRO32001288 PRO32001485 PRO32002652 PRO32001526
PRO32000884 PRO32001305 PRO32000609 PRO32002653 PRO32002833
PRO32000902 PRO32001359 PRO32002327 PRO32002661 PRO32002945
PRO32000931 PRO32001362 PRO32002329 PRO32002662 PRO32002910