Visitor pre-registration

All personnel entering the exhibition hall must complete the real-name pre-registration. Before you enter the venue onsite, your original ID card/Passport will be verified.


Brazil - Faça seu pré-cadastro agora mesmo e receba um Cartão-Presente de US$15!


Winner announcement

A notification with redemption details will be sent to the following pre-registered buyers on 14 October. For enquiries, please contact the team at

Registration code:

PRO32000327 PRO32000324 PRO32001444 PRO32002404 PRO32002959
PRO32000328 PRO32000325 PRO32001484 PRO32002430 PRO32003026
PRO32000380 PRO32000326 PRO32001486 PRO32002558 PRO32003180
PRO32000381 PRO32000711 PRO32000557 PRO32002588 PRO32003288
PRO32000395 PRO32000712 PRO32002245 PRO32002589 PRO32003576
PRO32000263 PRO32000532 PRO32002287 PRO32002590 PRO32003577
PRO32000451 PRO32000744 PRO32002332 PRO32002763 PRO32003578
PRO32000452 PRO32000745 PRO32002436 PRO32002855 PRO32003579
PRO32000509 PRO32001051 PRO32002444 PRO32002857 PRO32001827
PRO32000291 PRO32001309 PRO32002401 PRO32002958 PRO32001830