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Tomorrow's Service & Mobility

The new Four Modernisations has fuelled the implementation of connected mobility in China. It has become a catalyst for the production and sales of new energy vehicles, together with the development of new infrastructure. Research institutions, carmakers, start-ups and leading companies in connected mobility will introduce charging facilities, hydrogen fuel technology, smart motorway systems and cloud-based human-vehicle-road networks.

Product coverage


• Automated driving
Related electrical components, sensors, artificial intelligence, ultrasonics, driver assistance systems, human machine interface (HMI) and robocabs

• Alternate energy & fuels
Energy storage, charging and tank systems and new workshop technology

• New material
3D printing, fibre composite, renewable energy, lightweight and recyclable materials

• Mobility services
Fleet management, car-sharing, car-hailing platforms and e-bikes

2020 key players


ACHR, APG, Black Sesame*, CHANGHUI, CHAOLI, CRRC, DEYE, GoHigh Data, Horizon Robotics*, JILONG, JUGUANG, KUS, Qiming, Riyong-JEA, SMVIC, SOGREAT, Suzhuo DSM, VIE, Wanan, YABOLAN, Yangming, Yunyi and Leoch Battery*

*Exhibiting for the first time

Sector highlights


The accelerated development of EV and autonomous driving vehicle in China

Joint partnerships, horizontal/vertical integration among automotive industrial supply chain and tech firms emerge under the trend of EV. Competitions of sourcing the raw materials e.g chips, batteries etc and commercialisation of new cars are the hot topics around the world. 


Automechanika Shanghai is the ideal platform for high tech companies to enter China's huge market

Israel is a center of technological innovation and startup nation. In 2020, the first-ever Israel pavilion brought 36 companies to Automechanika Shanghai, they brought high-tech technology, shared their insight through product presentation and networked with local leading players. 


Rich visitor sources and comprehensive fringe events

• Visitors cover carmakers, Tier 1, investment companies, logistics, government bodies, institutions, etc. 

• Knowledge sharing sessions, including conferences, product presentations and webinars with topics of city planning and new trends in the area.

“The purpose for joining Automechanika Shanghai was to increase Eyesight’s exposure in the market and forge new business networks locally. We believe the country is a promising market as it is already quickly recovering from the pandemic, and I think the show will continue to play a critical role in facilitating industry development. The pandemic itself has brought about a number of challenges and opportunities. To respond, we have to focus on improving product applications and customisation more than ever to cope with rising needs. Our company’s new driver monitoring system can operate even with the driver wearing a mask or glasses. A lot of potential buyers came to our booth today enquiring about our products.”