2020 Product highlights


Aborn Automotive Sensor (Zhejiang) Co Ltd (China)
Booth No.:4.1F52

Eccentric shaft(variable value lift) SENSOR

The eccentric shaft sensor is a variable valve management system for BMW, which can keep the engine power output in the best state. Our products adopt original imported chips, phase accuracy ≤ 1%, warranty for 3 years or 100,000 km.


Arnott – Air Suspension Products (The Netherlands)
Booth No.:2.1C58

New Front Air Struts for Mercedes-Benz S-Class W222

AS-3162 and AS-3163 are new, Arnott-engineered, aftermarket air suspension struts for the front side of the 2013-current Mercedes-Benz S-Class/Maybach with AIRMATIC & ADS, without 4MATIC, without ABC and including AMG. 

• New custom-tuned Eibach shock absorber
• Multi-ply Continental ContiTech air spring sleeve
• Pre-assembled for easy installation
• Designed & assembled in the USA


Fr Team International S.A. (Luxembourg)
Booth No.: 2.1F80

Autotuner is a tool designed for chiptuning professionals. It reads and writes data from the engine control unit via OBD, Boot Tricore or bench, which can be used to read and writes over 5.000 vehicles' ECUs. New protocols updates are free for lifetime access.


HASCO Powertrain Components Systems(Shanghai)Co., Ltd. (China)
Booth No.:1.1F51

Motor of E2 electric parking lock

Brushless Direct Current Motor integrates with control unit which developed for the electric parking lock. Linear hall sensor provide more accurately control,Less weight , more power and support the ASIL B class. 


Hengst Filter Systems (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. (Germany)
Booth No.:2.1E64

The new Hengst Flex Tape

The newly developed Hengst Flex Tape is an innovative production technology for improving the performance of air filters for commercial vehicles and agricultural and construction machinery. It replaces the handling protection with the attachment of stabilizing tapes. The Flex Tape was developed by Hengst in Germany and tested and approved according to ISO 5011. This optimisation offers numerous advantages for you and your customers, such as 

• Increased dust absorption capacity
• Increased collapse resistance
• No deformation of the filter in use
• More resistant than conventional handling protection
• More stable than conventional adhesive beads
• Increased wet strength in fog, rain and snow


Heyner GmbH (Germany)
Booth No.:1.1C77


• Good quality and economic price: Try our best to control the cost on the basis of maintaining the quality, suitable for the models of 70,000-150,000!
• Strong adaptability: one assortment+appropriate adapter = serves 99% of cars.
• Elegant, extra flat design: The extra flat design guarantees an elegant look and excellent wiping performance even at night speed thanks to the spoiler.


Kailong High Technology Co., Ltd. (China)
Booth No.:1.1H13

SCR Urea solution supply pump

The urea solution supply pump is one of the core components of the SCR system. It is designed in accordance with the requirements of China's Six emission regulations. It has compact structure, high integration, convenient layout and high reliability.

This product has the function of urea solution filtration, temperature detection, pressure detection, heating, pressure building, back pumping, anti-freezing and so on.The main advantages of the urea pump are as follows:

• Short time to build up pressure: <30s
• Wide coverage pressure range: it can be used for stable pressure supply of 5bar~9bar urea solution
• Large flow: >7.2L/ h@ 7bar
• Low pressure fluctuation: <6%
• Built-in thawing function: it can be used in the low temperature environment of -40℃
• Long service life: B10 service life >10000h


Lucas Industries Ltd (Germany)
Booth No.:2.1E48

Lucas LED bi-projector lenses

Lucas LED bi-projector lenses are able to improve light colour up to 6000K based on ECE R99 and enhance brightness by maximum 120% based on ECE R98 respectively. At the same time, the lenses could increase lighting distance by about 65 meter and broaden the range from left to right of lighting area by approximate 38% comparing with H7 Halogen lamp.


Lucas Industries Ltd (Germany)
Booth No.:2.1E48

Lucas LED high beam light

LED high beam light works on increasing the range and brightness of light. Lucas LED high beam light is designed with full waterproof structure, dual lens imaging system, intelligent constant temperature control system, and equipped with fan intelligent speed regulation, as well as anti-backconnect / lightning protection and anti-electromagnetic interference.


MAHLE Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Germany)
Booth No.:2.1E50

MAHLE Cabin Filter With Multi Protection

• 3 layer filter structure to provide more effective protection
• Support layer: The biocompatible, colorful coating with natural polyphenol extracts is designed to inhibit Influenza A virus-H1N1/H3N2 and bacteria and allergen.
• Activated carbon layer: coconut shell, strong adsorption and removal of TVOC and other harmful gases in the car.
• Melt-blown electrostatic layer: Electric-charged Process Technology which can collect micro particles and the purification efficiency of PM2.5 particles can reach more than 99%.


Shenzhen Leoch Battery New Energy Development Co Ltd (China)
Booth No.:5.1H43

Leoch car battery

Versatile battery solutions with excellent quality for various vehicles.

  • Outstanding quality, long lasting performance, safe and secure.
  • Higher capacity and superior cycle life secures cranking and living.
  • Excellent stability and durability, splendid charging acceptance.

Ableeye Device Co Ltd.(China)
Booth No.:5.2A53

Heat Resisting Borescope

The A800HR can withstand temperatures of up to 200 degrees centigrade and can be used in a high temperature engine combustion chamber without being damaged.

The resolution of the high-temperature resistant endoscope is 1280X720, with an outside diameter of 8.5mm and a length of 800mm. It has LED lighting, photo taking, video recording and other functions. The articulating can be turned to 180 degrees and can be connect to mobile phones, computers, decoders and USB monitors.


EAE Automotive Equipment Co., Ltd. (China)
Booth No.:5.2F37


This lift MS12ACM, is designed for dismantling and fixing battery packs of electric vehicles as well as engine, gearbox, drive axle, fuel tank, suspension, bracket and chassis components of traditional vehicles. It simplifies the removal and installation of heavy vehicle parts. 


Launch Tech Co., Ltd. (China)
Booth No.:5.2D46

X-431 PRO3 V4.0

X-431 PRO3 V4.0 is the latest new product of Launch PRO3 series, loaded with Android 9.0, 8-core processor make it operate stable and effectient. Taking the advantages of X-431 PRO3 V3.0, X-431 PRO3 V4.0 features full vehicle systen diagnosis and covers intelligent diagnose, local diagnose, special function(15), remote diagnosis , ADAS calibration(optional) and so on.


Eni Lubricants Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Italy)
Booth No.:2.2F28

Eni i-Sint Xtec Passenger Car Lubricants (API SP)

Eni i-Sint Xtec Passenger Car Lubricants (API SP), with a wide viscosity coverage of 0W-20 and 0W-30, can meet the requirement of State VI Emission Standards, and effectively reduce risks of LSPI (Low Speed Pre-Ignition). 


Guangzhou Botny Chemical Co., Ltd. (China)
Booth No.:2.2F43

Rear-view mirror water repellent

This product has excellent water removal performance, suitable for glass mirrors and reversing camera. The hydrophobic angle can be up to 160 degrees after using. The water drop to the surface can be dispersed quickly , so that the mirror no water droplet residue, so as to maintain a good view.


Jiangsu Lopal Tech Co Ltd(China)
Booth No.:2.2F67

Lopal 1 

Effective components have better reactivity and lower volatility. The decomposed products at a certain temperature form a highly efficient and dense anti-wear factor on the metal surface, which enhances wear resistance, rapidly reducing friction coefficient, providing long-lasting protection for engine and improving fuel economy. SP 0W is suitable for various engines that adopt the latest turbocharged direct injection technology and with a gasoline particle trap (GPF) device, which meets the National VI emission standards


Aerospace Siyuan Automotive Material Technology (Shanghai) Co Ltd (China)
Booth No.:8.2B01

Fanxiang bionic paint protection film

The newly launched Fanxiang bionic protection film of Anebula's outstanding Aerospace coating technology and unique bionic coating technology create a new concept of bionic stealth car clothing product; super anti pollution, super easy to clean; its excellent impact resistance, can effectively protect the original car paint; unique memory repair coating can quickly restore small scratches; ultra transparent grade thermoplastic polyurethane substrate improves the brightness of the paint.  


Aerospace Siyuan Automotive Material Technology (Shanghai) Co Ltd (China)
Booth No.:8.2B01

Qingmou antifogging window film

The high-efficiency antifogging ability of antifogging film is reflected in the following technical fields,            

Extremely hydrophilic: It makes the water droplets spread quickly on the surface to avoid the line of sight obstruction caused by fog and frost.           

High quality of anti-wiping:  It has long-term antifogging performance and can be wiped repeatedly (dry wipe, water wipe, cleaning liquid wipe, etc.)           

New temperature technology: When the temperature changes sharply (- 25 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃) and the relative humidity is more than 90%, there is no common condensation phenomenon.            


Hentury Industry Co., Ltd. (China)
Booth No.:7.2M65

Jeep Wrangler JL Fully Aluminum Front Bumper

The innovation by strong and light weight for Jeep Bumpers. It  conbines many  facts to be a perfect bumper including beauty, strong and light weight.

The fully Aluminum Front Bumper is with weight of 14kg, thanks to the huge market we own from our parent company of extremeterrain, we take care our huge investment by super big sales quantity so that we could be able to sell at reasonable unit price. 

For all things Wrangler, Mustang,Camaro, Challenger, Trucks, please learn more about MP Concepts.


Shanghai ZhongWeiZhiTou Commercial and Trading Co., Ltd. (China)
Booth No.:8.2F44

VeRoad window film

VeRoad is a new window film brand launched by the Joyvie Group and jointly with Saint-Gobain Group, a world top 500 chemical company.

VeRoad window film magnetron sputtering series products are produced from magnetron sputtering equipment worth 30 million euros, up to twelve layers of magnetron sputtering rare metals, achieving a perfect balance of high light transmission and high heat insulation, satisfying people There is a dual demand for light transmission and heat insulation of automotive heat insulation films. With ingenuity and quality, the fine art in the insulation film is carefully crafted.


Zhejiang Tieliu Clutch Co., Ltd. (China)
Booth No.:NB18

Rotor shaft

The shaft, as a new energy vehicle component, is used in the electric drive system of electric vehicles. The product requires high precision, complicated processing technology and strict quality control.

For the rotor shaft project, Geiger is equipped with a large number of high-precision equipment and has a national laboratory to meet the needs of high-end mechanical precision machining. With its unique "precision manufacturing technology" and intelligent equipment concept, it has won high praise and the status of core supplier from Bosch, Continental, Cummins and so on.


Zhejiang VIE Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (China)
Booth No.:NE09&4.1F44

Wireless Charging System

The system is equipped with top-ranking calibration guidance to insure user reach to maximum charging efficiency. When the user arrives at home, the control panel will wake up from the dormant mode and provide all around parking navigation instructions. Once the calibration is completed, the user only needs to turn off, and the system will automatically charging; when the battery is full, the system will automatically stop charging. The system can also be used in severe weather such as frost, rain and snow, without having to be equipped with a bunch of troublesome plug-ins as in the past.

Feature introduction:
• Safe and reliable without direct contact
• Convenient charging during parking
• Provide the charging for driverless cars


Qingdao Doublestar Marketing Co., Ltd. (China)
Booth No.:7.2F06


Doublestar has been listed in “Asia’s 500 Most Influential Brands” and “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands” for three consecutive years. 

The product has received several international certifications on its speed, durability, size and anti-wearness. 


Wanli Tire Corporation Limited (China)
Booth No.:7.2E26


Through upgraded special high-silicon content formula, it improves tyre grip and reduces rolling resistance. Closed shoulder groove design on the tire sidewall reduces the resonance of the columnar airflow, which is helpful to reduce noise. The auxiliary sipe design reduces the block rigidity and is beneficial to improving the comfort performance of the tire. Four wide main grooves can provide good drainage capacity, which is conducive to wetland safety.


Jiangsu Carzone Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (China)
Booth No.:7.2F44

Tmall Autocare

New Carzone deeply integrates resources  Alibaba ecosystem, Carzone auto parts supply chain and F6 technology, with the purpose of establishing a "standard, transparent and guaranteed" service system, and the mission of "Make Garage operation easy" as its mission , Launched the "Tmall Autocare" chain project, and work with offline maintenance stores to create a new online after-market retail service brand that consumers trust and integrate online and offline to create a new service after-market service integration.


Phototherm Dr. Petry GmbH (Germany)
Booth No.:2.1M64

Photothermal coasting thickness measuring systems

We enhanced our system by adding some options and change the way of data exchange with superordinate systems. With the new development the system doesn’t need any more an external electronic control unit and can be driven by a standard computer instead of an industrial one. These kinds of systems are already installed in many places in China.

(Information as of 25 October 2020)