3 – 6 December 2019 Shanghai, China VISITOR REGISTRATION

2019 New Products


Bosch Automotive Aftermarket (China) Co Ltd

DCI 700 Diesel Test Bench for Common Rail Injectors

With its high-speed and precise measurement system, the DCI 700 has reduced setup and test times, providing a user-friendly operation. It secures a competitive advantage for workshops today.


Francisco Albero SAU

Air Fuel Ratio Sensors - AFR

The Air Fuel Ratio Sensor controls the mix of fuel and oxygen during the combustion, also improves the control of the lambda value at which the engine works, thus optimizing the emission of combustion gases.


Mann+Hummel China(Shanghai) Co Ltd

Air element with NanoPro Media

With up to 99.99% final efficiency trapping all fine particulates. It will protect your engine from the smallest contaminates. Accordingly , this new product will deliver higher capacity and longer service life.


Shanghai Changhui Group Investment Management Co.,Ltd

Changhui P-EPS Pinion electric power steering system

The product has reliable steering characteristics, faster dynamic response of the steering system for safer driving. The reserved wire control steering design is convenient to upgrade ADAS function.


Valeo Auto Parts Trading(Shanghai) Co Ltd

Comfortable Driving Assistant

A sufficient range of top column modules and clock spring as the components for aftermarket to ensure every driver the access to the reliable repair or replacement purpose. The advanced 24GHz UPA sensors, together with a total solution for blind spot detective or lane change alert system, provide the end user for a safer and friendly parking and driving experience.


Hitachi Chemical (China) Co Ltd

Thermal Conductive Sheet -Series of TC

The thermal conductive sheet has high thermal conductivity in sheet direction orientation because of its vertically oriented graphite fillers. The sheets are flexible and slightly adhesive, allowing temporary attach on adherend. 


Zhejiang Vie Science & Technology Co Ltd

Light Weight Aluminum Alloy

Integrated casting of aluminum alloy is adopted, reducing over 30% of weight compared with the ones combined with steel parts while maintaining the same performance level.


Guangzhou Baturu Information Technology Co Ltd


Self-built mass database comprising more than 100 automotive brands, 98% mainstream models, one-stop supply of parts for repair and maintenance.  With intelligence warehouses close to one million square meters and the logistics cover across most of the cities in China, the after-sales service is completely guaranteed by the local partners that handle the last kilometer of delivery.


Wuhu kumquat Technology Co Ltd

The company undertakes the Chery Holding Group automotive aftermarket project and is one of the important strategic business segments of Chery Holding Group. In next five years, Kumquat Technology will build a leading domestic automotive market Internet platform, 2,000 auto parts distribution network and 5,000 auto quick repair chain-stations.



TPMS for truck

Truck Tyre Pressure Monitoring System for 34 Tyres in maximum, with data output port and automatic hook / drop recognition. Solar powered wireless LCD display; no installation is needed.


Shenzhen Vinstar Photoelectricity Co Ltd

Dynamic/Sequential LED side mirorr turn signal light

The latest LED design upgrades car looking with a longer life spam and simple installation. The dynamic and sequential design gives off a sporty vibe. It improves driving safety by having 5 times brighteness than OEM lighting.


Yakima (Nanjing) Precision Industry Co Ltd

Lock N' Load Platform

The super tough addition to the Yakima roof rack range provides more sizes and fits for more vehicles. The east-west slats enable you to carry all types of gear. Built-in perimeter channels allow additional positions to mount your accessories.


Autel Intelligent Technology Corp Ltd

MaxiSys MA600 Foldable Advanced Driver Assistance System Calibration Tool

MA600 provides Lane Departure Warning (LDW) calibration for camera based systems. An individual can perform accurate frame placement with MaxiSys advanced laser measurement procedure in two minutes.


Beijing BETAG Automotive Technology Consulting Co LTD


The aluminum-Hotbox is the latest generation of vehicle sheet metal non-destructive repair equipment set, which provides perfect solution for minor aluminum sheet metal repair in the automotive industry. The use is simple and easy and it can protect the original car paint.


YATU Advanced Materials Co Ltd

YATU Waterbone System

All water-based paint systems are made with low VOC and fits the enviromental requriements of European countries. Features of this paint include strong coverage, easy-for-use and good performance etc. It has 120,000-formula database and 7,500 colors in the gradient color chips system, which covers most  needs and will be updated regularly.


Nankang Rubber Tire Corp., Ltd


Nankang AS-2+ features outstanding wet gripping ability; qualified A grade on European label and certificated by TUV SUD Germany. AS-2+ represents the safest tire for high performance cars.


Shandong Huasheng Rubber Co Ltd


Longer mileage by adoption of new cap tread compound. Abnormal wear and noise minimised by optimising ultra-thin kerfs arrangement. Extra-robust 4 steel belts construction for higher mileage and comfortable driving experience. 

(Information as of 4 September 2019)