Innovation4Mobility Mainstage

I4M Mainstage

Innovation4Mobility Mainstage is a prime showcase where champion the contributions made to the advancing technologies and innovations across the value chain. The forum area, product showcase, networking lounge and start-up arena create an ideal environment to share new ideas, network with like-minded players and celebrate the developments propelling the new automotive era forward.  

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Conference Agenda

Drive-by-wire technology
Car electrification has led to a wider popularity of drive-by-wire technology used in vehicles. Many enterprises adopt drive-by-wire technology and related products, in replacing existing mechanical system with the more accurate and sensitive electronic sensors and actuators. The forum will invite technical experts in this field and talk through wire control technology, development trends and specific applications from various perspectives.
20.December 2022
Latest trends in the automotive supply chain
Epidemic, complex international situations, trade disputes and other external situations have brought the uncertainty to supply chain. Enterprises have to re-visit their existing supply chain and have a stronger predictability. This forum will discuss the global automotive supply chain, its future outlooks, and give insights and inspiration for Chinese enterprises.
20.December 2022
Thermal management systems
The thermal management in electric vehicles adapts to external-internal temperature conditions and regulates optimal temperatures in battery packs, power electronics drives, and electric motors. Therefore, thermal management is crucial and more complex than the conventional fuel-drive vehicle, as it impacts an electric vehicle's driveability, comfort and safety. Due to its significance, more and more vehicle enterprises have paid attention to its value and importance. The forum will invite relevant auto parts enterprises and experts to discuss this topic and give the analysis in technical aspects of the electric vehicle thermal management.
20.December 2022
Additive Manufacturing in Electric Vehicles
In recent years, EV manufacturers are more inclined to introduce Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology to reduce R&D cost and shorten the development cycle in the production process. At present, many EV manufacturers use 3D printing technology to realise automobile lightweighting and thermal management, and to use in production of complex auto parts, battery, tyres, interiors and exteriors, vehicle body, seats, personalized customisation and in prevention of parts shrinkage and deformation, etc. In collaboration with Formnext+PM South China, the forum will explain how additive manufacturing technology can help EV to reduce costs and improve efficiency.
20.December 2022
The commercialisation of  intelligent commercial vehicles
One of the key pillars of China's economy and infrastructure construction, the development of new energy commercial vehicle and autonomous driving is vital to the automobile industry. As a result, the planning and construction of vehicle-road coordination infrastructure has accelerated and commercial vehicles have been chosen as the first major application scenarios for autonomous driving and hydrogen energy. In the long run, with the development of technology and scale, new energy commercial vehicles will usher in a cost and technology-driven stage and head to a new turning point in between 2025 and 2030.
21.December 2022
Intelligent chassis technology
With the upgrade of the vehicle's electronic and electrical architecture, the requirements for the integration of the chassis system has become higher. The chassis controller is the command center and serves as the "little brain" of the vehicle to perform coordinated control of multiple execution systems. The controlling system evolves from subsystem wire control to full-wire control of the entire chassis. The standardisation and modularisation of the wire-control chassis system, and the computing control will become the main development trends. The forum will discuss technological innovation, academic research, product development and international collaboration of intelligent chassis technology for electric vehicles.
21.December 2022
Command and control systems for autonomous vehicles in urban environments
The forum will invite vehicle manufacturers and well-known enterprises in autonomous driving command and control technology to discuss the core technology and analyse the current situations and future trends.
22.December 2022

Power electronics applications and E-mobility
In collaboration with PCIM Asia, a group of elite application engineers will share their knowledge on the latest R&D products and solutions in the current Chinese power electronics market through on-site presentations. At the same time, industry experts and scholars will jointly discuss the value chain and development issues of the electric vehicle industry.
22.December 2022