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3 – 6 December 2019, Shanghai

China International Conference on Tyre Industry Cooperation & Developments


With all the new technologies and material advancements in recent years, whether in production technology, functions and marketing channels of tyre industry have undergone significant breakthroughs in recent years. Under the theme of “Green, Smart and High Performance Tyres”, the forum will focus on some pressing issues for the industry such as how Chinese companies to break through the bottleneck in face of export difficulties while how overseas tyre suppliers get access to Chinese market. Meanwhile, the forum will also bring upon latest technology and trends of global tyre industry.

Date   29 November 2018
Time   13:00 - 17:00
Venue   Meeting room A0-02 in NECC

China tyre industry current situation and policy developments


Analyses the current problems of the tyre industry in China and related domestic and foreign policies in the industry. It will discuss about the impacts of current trade disputes with the US and how the Chinese and western enterprises can weather this headwind by taking on technology and green manufacturing. 


Dr. Qun-Lian Hong

Director and Deputy Researcher of the Industrial Economic Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission
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How to sell more tyres in Europe


Focuses on some of the practical things that Chinese manufacturers can do to improve sales in Europe. He will talk you through the different kinds of distribution available in Europe and how to use them optimally, how to present products in the best light through labelling, tyre sizes and types based on the solid grounds of research findings. 


Mr. David Shaw

Chief Executive of Tire Industry Research (TIRes), the UK 

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Transformation of Tyre Distribution in China and its Future Trends


Mr. Shen Huixing

Chairman of Shanghai Quyang Tire Co Ltd
President of Shanghai Tyre Association

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Optimising the Tyre Brand for Western Markets


Talks about how Chinese manufacturers and distributors can develop their brands optimally to appeal to European and North American customers with case studies of how successful Chinese companies have developed brands in Europe. It analyses how westerners respond to different kinds of advertising campaigns and what different kinds of campaigns and messages can do to boost the brand.


Sandro Garcia Salmones
Project Manager of Valebridge Media Services, Spain

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The prospects of tyre e-commerce business in China


Analyses the e-tailing market of tyre industry in China, opportunties and future developments.  It also discusses about how to adopt O2O business model on tyre's end-to-end supply chain management. 


Mr.Zheng-bo Yue

Jia yi Bing Ding - An integrated tyre logistics and supply chain service group 

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Tyre recycling of the future


Analyses the global tyre recycling market and look at some of the opportunities available in different sectors of the tyre recycling market, with special reference to pyrolysis, devulcanisation and granulation. It will also focus on carbon black recycling which sheds a new light on furture environmentally friendly yet commercially viable recycling solutions. 


Martin von Wolfersdorff

Recycling specialist

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